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Course is in one introductory video, three captivating interactive videos and one PDF worksheet. The videos will keep you engaged one on one with Dr. Iyabo as she draws you in to all the practical steps you need to attain and sustain Financial Freedom. The worksheet will be a great tool to make notes and create a master plan of action steps for yourself. You will then benefit from the coaching expertise of Dr. Iyabo by having four 1-hour private sessions with her.

Course Introduction

Dr. Iyabo How to be financially free


Dr. Iyabo

She brings the passion for helping people that she is already well known for into the virtual classroom to motivate her students to take action in their lives and experience sustained results. 

People who want to learn from an instructor who has a success track record in her own life, has had high value experiences, and is professionally qualified to teach them should sign up for my courses.

Busy people who need strategically planned and easy to follow online courses would also appreciate my course format and delivery methods. 

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How to be Financially Free Course Package